For Construction of 150 Bedded Al-Nissa Hospital
(An Exclusive Women Health Care Institute)
ON Dr. Ali Jan Road, Opposite Historic Aali Masjid
AT Eidgah, Srinagar, Kashmir, 190002
PROJECT COST: 1622.00 Lacs
Under The Aegis Of:
Kashmir Ath’rout (The Helping Hand) -Trust/NGO
Nawa Kadal, Srinagar, Kashmir (J&K) 190002


With immense pleasure we want to inform the general public that our forth coming project is maternity hospital and child care hospital to provide care for women during pregnancy and for new born. Entirely meant to serve the women folk, this 150 bedded private hospital will run on “no profit no loss “basis seeking support from philanthropic donors who wish to make contribution for public cause. The best way to gain in this world is by giving, so we are starting this healthcare unit on affordable prices so as to cater to the needs of poor who need intensive care during pregnancy and child birth. In our traditional society , large number of pregnant females do not like to be operated or handled by any male staff .In order to overcome these inhibitions of ladies in this part of world the present proposal hospital project will take care of this socio-cultural  / religious aspect of society by recruiting all female staff .The worth mentioning feature that will create a difference is that all the doctors started from gynecologists , anesthesiologists , paramedical staff from ANM’s to nurses will be all females.

Initially the hospital will run sections gynecology and neonatal intensive care unit and after wards will subsequently startup other departments including surgery, kidney care, medicine, dialysis and palliative care facilities. The NICU will have special medical equipments like incubators, feeding tubes, phototherapy lights, respiratory monitors and cardiac monitors along with the well trained staff to care for very small and sick babies.

The quality of hospital will be commendable with high level of hygiene of the equipments, staff rooms and bathrooms to provide better services. To meet up the requirements of adverse situations , the hospital will have 24/7 ambulance services available to get to the destinations on time and consequently avoid on the way delivery complications .The hospital will have 100% power back up facility to avoid uninterrupted power supply for utmost management.

            Let us unite to provide definitive solutions to ongoing health care delivery system during pregnancy and childbirth.

Prof. (Dr) Muneer Masoodi

Professor, Community Medicine Govt. Medical College Srinagar

Ex-Medical superintendent GB pant Hospital, SMHS Hospital

And Bone & Joint Surgery Hospital Srinagar.




Project Title: - Planning, Design, Construction and Commissioning of 150 bedded Al-Nissa Hospital

  (An Exclusive Women health care institute) on Dr. Ali Jan Road, at Eidgah, Srinagar,

   Kashmir, 190002 in J&K.


Authority/ Under the Aegis of: - Kashmir Ath’rout (The Helping Hand) – Trust/NGO



Brief History & Necessity:-


Srinagar is a summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) with a record population of 13.00 lac, sex ratio of 861 (female/1000 males) as per Census 2011. Srinagar is centre of economic activities of Kashmir division and people from every other district and from all walks of life throng this district for meeting their different needs of life. In the health care sector, Srinagar district has only two public maternity hospitals viz; Lala Ded hospital and SKIMS maternity hospital; which often remain overcrowded with the influx of patients. The patients who visit these hospitals for delivery of their baby and further treatments have to face lot of hardships due to limited hospital capacity and infrastructure. It has been found and quite noticed that two-to-three delivering mothers have to share a single common bed in the hospital. The atmosphere at hospitals turn chaotic when there are referrals being made from other district or sub-district hospitals to the maternity hospitals of district Srinagar, which compounds the problem. The tremendous patient load upon hospitals and their professional staff consequently put a strenuous impact on the quality of treatment and patient care, besides totally compromising the privacy and dignity of patients.


Moreover in these hospitals there is no segregation of sex and the women or delivering mothers are handled and operated upon by both males and females; thereby no purdah remains in place as strictly ordained in Qur’an and Sunnah, which implies into total disregard and non-compliance of Shari’ah, for which we all would be held accountable by the most exalted Almighty Allah (SWT) on the day of judgment. On having an account of this serious problem, where the privacy, dignity and chaste of our life partners and sisters are under compromise, the said situation as prevalent in this land striked the conscience of the people at Ath’rout Kashmir, which compelled the organization to come up with the proposal of establishing a women centric hospital, where the women especially delivering mothers are taken special care of, with all emphasis upon their privacy and dignity, under the purview of Islamic Shari’ah.


Private Sector /Market Scenario:-


Apart from Government/Public sector, there are number of medical and diagnostic centers, polyclinics and nursing-cum-maternity homes in the private sector. These are mostly locally run commercial establishments and provide varied number of services in the field ranging from diagnostics to medical consultation and treatment. But none among them are dedicated solely for women. Very few centers provide gynecological services to women but are not Shari’ah compliant. The only difference between them and the Govt. owned hospital is that there is no crowding and the entry is restricted as per the bed capacity of a private run nursing-cum-maternity center or hospital. But these are not affordable to majority of the people especially the economically weaker and downtrodden sections of the society and they have no option but to rely upon the crowded and over burdened  Govt. run hospitals so as to lessen the burden on their pockets, but at the cost of their privacy, dignity and chaste; because the women folk in requirement relevant medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment have to open before the staff as predominantly male and by serendipity female, as women empowerment strictly under Shari’ah in this land has not achieved such a level as the current situation demands.


Societal Scenario:-


            With out any concept of Shari’ah compliant healthcare policy and system in our state, the females are the prime victim. This is all due to our collective negligence and ignorance in this behalf. At the societal level, we have till date failed to work for the collective good and have always put an onus on the Govt. without realizing our own responsibilities. Our lack of will of establishing modest and Shari’ah compliant institutions has costed us badly, which is the root cause of our distraction and detioration. The institutions shape the people and in turn the society and can bring real change in our behavior, understanding and living, above all would ease the way of establishing a modest society. Today we as a society present a dismal picture and have not been sufficiently able to establish good and forbid wrong have politely opted a policy of easy give-up. We easily present ourselves to get exploited without thinking of a modest, respectful and dignified living.  That is why, there are instances which are very unfortunate and heart rendering, where pre-natal sex determination has been the most lucrative and undercover business in the private sector, due to which innumerable number of unwanted abortions were carried, thereby destroying the fetus, on simply knowing that the gender of child in womb is female. Our society still suffers due to stigma of having a girl or female child.

            Another under cover and clandestine business in the private sector has been of removing the uterus by conducting hysterectomy on married females en-mass, without keeping any sense, ignoring the far reaching implications of such act on the society in general and these females in particular.


            Thus on one hand the people are being fleeced for undergoing treatment at private/commercial centers and on the other hand illegal and forbidden medical acts are carried out on the pretext of business thereby promoting illegal and unhealthy practices, which severely impairs our social fabric. In an individual capacity and society as a whole has to ponder and understand the gravity of this situation where, in our life we are getting far away from the just principles and teachings of our deen-e-Islam, by not following, practicing and implementing them and at the same time become the victim of immodest and pluralistic setup in this worldly life and due to which may become victim of hellfire in the hereafter.




With Qur’an and Sunnah as the guidance and driving force, the Kashmir Ath’rout aims to establish a complete Shari’ah compliant hospital to provide an alternative for the people and to introduce the change in the narrative and dimensions of current medical system, prevalent in the state; in order to provide an ease for the people in general and economically weaker, downtrodden and underprivileged sections of the society in particular to undergo fair, affordable and Shari’ah compliant diagnosis and treatment. This establishment would be an exclusive and state-of-the art non-profit institute, dedicated for the women, where while undergoing treatment, their privacy, dignity and chaste remains intact and un-compromised.


Pertinent to mention that, we find ourselves status conscious, health conscious etc., but we have failed to be modesty (haya) conscious. This very initiative is aimed to introduce modesty and morality based medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment to provide medical service to females on ethical lines, in order to safeguard them from unethical and unwanted exposures and to carry a message deep into society about the concept of modesty which would in turn sensitize people towards hijab.


The hospital is aimed to take a lead in order to provide an alternative system to the people especially females for undergoing treatment at relatively cheaper rates. This would be achieved by putting in place world class infrastructure and hiring the services of qualified female medical professionals. This would be a unique kind of system where women empowerment would be maximum and the whole system would be run by female professionals and paramedics, so that people share the dividends of this haya based setup. Hence this proposal.


This is not aimed to add one more to the list of already public/private hospitals or medical centers but to introduce an institute which would act as an instrument of change; an institute with a difference; an institute not for amassing wealth; an institute for upholding Shari’ah in the medical field. This is also well comprehended that the proposal which is aimed at is not so easy keeping in view the challenges posed by the market/private players. But we firmly believe in the help from our Lord, Almighty Allah (SWT) who will only lead us to its accomplishment. We are also fully hopeful of our conscious brothers, sisters and well wishers, who would leave no stone unturned in realizing this dream project.


Project Proposals:-


            Establishing a Shari’ah compliant hospital has been conceptualized according to present demand and future provisions above all keeping in view basic principles of establishing hospitals and the proposal is accordingly summed up as;


1.      Land: - It is one of the basic requirements for establishing a hospital with a requisite capacity to cater the need. Without land nothing can be done. For this purpose land measuring about five kannals have been identified at prime location on Dr. Ali Jan Road at Eidgah opposite historic Aali Masjid, which is under process of acquisition. The location of land/site is such that it has an easy access by means of all weather macadam road and falls within the municipal limits of Srinagar, just 5Km from the city center.


2.      Building Infrastructure: - Buildings are second basic requirement to create floor space for housing the facilities and other services to be offered. Erecting structures judiciously within limited land area is one of the challenging aspects of this project to accommodate the maximum of the facilities. Structures finally give shape to a hospital and raising efficient structures would be a milestone to be achieved in realizing this project. Keeping into account the seismic vulnerability of the region, it is aimed to construct four storey seismic resistant framed RCC structures with energy efficient and bio-climatic design and low carbon footprint technology in place; with complete adherence to relevant building codes, municipal bylaws and environmental guidelines.

To achieve the maximum capacity of the hospital, efficient space management is the focal point of the design. In order to meet the infrastructural requirements of the hospital, huge capital investment is needed to put in place state-of-the art infrastructure in order to materialize the concept behind the hospital.


3.    Hospital Capacity: -  In order to provide quality based services with maximum space utilization it is proposed that the built-up area of each floor would be 8940 Sft or 830.50 Sqm. The hospital structure as proposed would be Ground plus three storey’s, thus having a total of  four storey’s with a total built-up area of (4 x 830) Sqm = 3322 Sqm with corresponding bed capacity of 150 beds, which is the summative bed capacity of each department.


4.      Departments:- In order to start with, it is proposed that following departments would be introduced with the corresponding bed capacities shown against each;


(i)                 Out Patient Department: - Out Patient department (O.P.D) of the hospital would comprise of following sections, which would generally provide consultative services.


i.                    General Medicine

ii.                  General Surgery

iii.                Gynecology and Obstetrics

iv.                Pediatrics

v.                  Gastroenterology

vi.                Orthopedics

vii.              Endocrinology

viii.            Psychiatry

ix.                Women Wellness & Antenatal Care

x.                  Palliative Care

The services as quoted above to be offered by OPD or Polyclinic of the hospital would be subject to review as per the need of times. The consultative services are indicative only but not exhaustive. The OPD of the hospital would be also obligated to conduct people out-reach programmes / medical camps and screening sessions for the benefit of people at large especially women.

(ii)               In-Patient Department:- In-Patient Department (I.P.D) would occupy the maximum floor space of the hospital and would comprise of following disciplines:




Bed Capacity*















Kidney Care  & Dialysis




Neonate care


 Ratio = 1:8


Palliative / Day care


For Cancer Patients

(*) Subject to Review / Change.


(iii)             Supportive Services:-


(a)   Diagnostic Center: - It is equally important and needed to have full fledged and automated diagnostic laboratory in the hospital itself, which would provide vide spectrum of diagnostic facilities in the field of Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and other relevant fields. Understanding the importance of diagnostics and dependence of medical treatment on it and due to lack of in house testing facilities in Kashmir, where most of the test samples are sent or outsourced to labs outside J&K mostly situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc., for testing and there always remain chances of decay of samples in transit and due to temperature susceptibility besides uncertain political situation prevalent in this region due to which patients and doctors often remain in a dilemma, it is proposed to establish state-of-the art, Calibrated and standardized diagnostic testing laboratory with certifications from CAP,NABL, ISO and other international Standardization organizations so that it could serve as a reference laboratory for the region. In order to realize this vide number of bio-medical equipments would be needed to provide the diagnostic services at an affordable or cheaper rates on no-profit, no-loss basis for the people.

(b)   Medical Imaging Center: - Evidence based treatment is the ongoing trend in the field of medicine. The imaging center comprise of all those imaging equipments which are routinely needed for disease diagnosis. To provide succor to the females for undergoing imaging of their any body part in a controlled and modest environment with all emphasis on privacy and secrecy, it is proposed to have an imaging center itself in the hospital, which can provide imaging services to the females at reasonably fair charges. Keeping in view the high costs of imaging in the market, it is also well noticed to provide imaging services at special discount and/or free basis for downtrodden, economically weaker and very poor section of the society.


(c)    Blood Bank:- In order to keep reserve of blood for the patients of hospitals and to meet any emergent situation  so as to save the precious lives of patients/people  (with the will of Allah) it is proposed to have a facility of storing and preserving blood in scientific manner, so that there is lest dependability on other hospitals/Sources.


(iv)             Auxiliary Services:- Following services are needed to supplement the hospital facilities so as to operationalize the hospital;


(a)    Pharmacy/Drug Store

(b)   Laundry

(c)    Kitchen & Canteen

(d)   Power Backup

(e)    Water Filtration Unit

(f)    Bed Lift

(g)   HVAC

(h)   EPBAX

(i)     CCTV

(j)     HT/LT Sub-Station

(k)   STP

(l)     Fire Alarm System

(m) Sprinkler Fire Fighting System etc.,


     6. Da’wah and Worship:-

                        In order to maintain relationship with our Lord, Almighty Allah (SWT) and our beloved and noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it is of utmost importance to have an in-house prayer section, where the visitors, patients, attendants and staff would timely pray/worship the one and only Lord of universes. The hospital as a work space for the staff should not be an excuse for not offering timely prayer that is why an inbuilt Shari’ah Compliant mechanism is proposed to practice and propagate the just and sublime teachings of Islam, which is a complete code of life.


7. Employability:-

The establishment of this hospital would offer reasonable employment opportunities for

Medical professionals, paramedics and technologists. The sincere, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with a mission of serving the people can avail the opportunity and taking it not only as a job but ibadah. Experienced medical professionals are also welcome to join this mission.


                                    Thus the broad contours of proposed project have been illustrated above so as to give only an idea of the project. The detailed proposal can be formulated after feedback from different quarters, professionals, philanthropists, well wishers and after thorough deliberations. It is now in public domain for discussion and valuable suggestions.


GENERAL ABSTRACT of cost for Construction of 150 Bedded Al-nissa hospital on Dr. Ali Jan Road, Eidgah, Srinagar, Kashmir

S. NO.




Main Building, Civil & Mechanical Works, Sanitary, Plumbing & Electric Services / Miscellaneous items.

Rs 1215.76



Land Acquisition Cost - 5 Kannals

@ Rs 80.0 Lacs/Kannal



Add Consultancy Charges @ 0.5% of (A)




Rs 1621.76 Lacs



                                                                                                   SAY RS. 1622.00 Lacs









P.A.R. ESTIMATE FOR Construction of 150 Bedded Al-nissa hospital on

dr. ali jan road, eidgah, srinagar, kashmir



Description of Items



Rate (Rs.)


 (Rs. in Lacs)


Soil Investigation:






Provision for Soil investigation by conducting SPT and/or Bearing capacity tests as recommended in the relevant Indian Standard Codes.




Rs. 2.00





Total (A)

Rs 2.00


Civil & Mechanical Work:






Pile Foundation up to a depth of 15 Meters, subject to foundation design based on soil investigation.




Rs. 97.58


RCC Raft Foundation, subject to sub-structure design based on soil investigation.




Rs. 53.56


RCC Framed Structure (up to Six Storey) for floor height of 3.35 Meters, subject to structural design.




Rs. 631.18


Extra for Resisting Earthquake Forces in Zone -V  




Rs. 37.87


Extra Provision for Operation Theaters (O.T)




Rs. 4.46


Fire Alarm by way of Automatic Fire Alarm System





Rs. 4.15



Fire Fighting with sprinkler system




Rs. 6.22


CGI Pitched Roofing over Steel truss as per the structural design.




Rs. 36.80





Total (B)

Rs 871.00








Internal/External Water Supply and Sanitary Installations @10%




Rs 89.38


Internal Electric Installations    @ 12.5%




Rs 111.72


Extra for  Three Phase Power Wiring and Plugs @ 4%




Rs 35.75


Extra for Lightening Conductors for Five to Eight Storey Structures @ 0.33%




Rs 2.95


Extra for Telephone/computer/ Intranet Conduits @ 0.5%




Rs 4.46


Bed Lift with ACV/VVF Control, and Power Operated for G+4 Storey




Rs 15.00


Provision for Over Head Tank (Sintex or Equivalent) without independent Staging




Rs 6.00


Provision for Underground Sump




Rs 7.50





Total (C)

Rs 272.76


Miscellaneous Items






Earth Filling at site and compaction of the filling material to develop leveled surface/platform for execution of deep/pile foundation as per the sub-structure design.




Rs 18.00


Boundary Walling




Rs 9.00


Development of site




Rs 8.00


Sub-Station/D.G set




Rs 10.00






Rs 25.00





Total (D)

Rs 70.00





Grand Total

Rs 1215.76 Lacs