My dear muslim brother/Sister
Have you ever taken some time out from your day today chores and from your relatively wellof material existence and thought over those spheres of our valley in the confines of which countless people suffer various afflictions intolerably and whose faces constantly remind us: DO THEY HEAVE A SIGH OF RELIEF BECAUSE WE EXIST? In this institution hundreds of applications are awaiting relief and we invariably find in them young marriageable daughters seeking protection of their honour. They fear that in the event of their supplications not being answered affirmatively they are unlikely to find coverture in life. In these supplications we come across voices of despair of the old and doddering people telling us the pain of hunger in seeing their unwed daughters crossing their marriageable age but don't have Resources to overcome this excruciating pain. They fear they may lose their faith to some Christian proselytizer who has strength of purse to buy them over to his faith . We find heart-rending pleas of the intelligent and competent boys and girls who are orphans from destitute families telling us their academic future is at stake. They tell us how bad times have sapped their mental vitality and deprived them of their happiness which is otherwise due to every child. We feel that this vulnerable section of populace is a ticking bomb and needs immediate attention and redress otherwise its explosion shall cause wide spread destruction and damage in our society. In these petitions the skill full youth, who are capable of hitching their wagon to stars, tell us the pitiable tail of how their talent is falling in disuse and how soon they will be over the hill. They tell in their petitions how hard times have weighed down their morale; how tough times have forced them to sacrifice their talents for manual labor and how family responsibilities like marrying off their unwed sisters purchasing costly medicines for their old parents is tormenting them all the time. Caught in this whirlpool of misfortune they may even contemplate even taking the extreme step of selling body organs and even taking the extreme step of selling body organs and even adopting the illegal path in order to meet their needs .If this youth is not retrieved from this situation they make turn their wrath,which is brewing with in them,on the iniquitous society itself and by then it may be too late for all of us to do anything about it. This is the state of affairs of the UMMAH of the Prophet Of Islam( S.A.W), the very epitome of humanity, who suffered every possible hardship in order to see the needs of any helpless are met. It is the irony of the highest order that we should claim ourselves to be ardent followers of that personification of humanity and nobility ( S.A.W) but at the same time motionless and quiescent in remedying the pathetic condition of our brethren. The list of woes of our unfortunate brethren becomes ever longer with every passing moment and if we do not come forward to relieve their pain the holy Quran and the sayings of the Prophet ( S.A.W) make it amply clear that on the day of judgement we will be deprived of the blessings of Allah and intercession (Shafa'at) of the Prophet ( S.A.W).